Greville v Merlin

Norwich Small Claims Court


After a short telephone conference hearing on 21st of October 2021, District Judge Spenser Ordered an an "adjournment" (a Stay) for 28 days, for the Parties to agree a Tomlin Order and end the case of Greville v Merlin - Forever."


A 90 minute hearing was re-listed for the morning of the 27th of July  2022.

Then, in order for Merlin and myself to agree and sign a "varied" Tobin Order, I readily agreed to a "joint request" to the Court Filing Office by Merlin and myself, asking for a new date on specific days between June 2022, (5 weeks earlier) and September 2022 (2 weeks later).


The Joint Request is lodged at the Norwich Court office and we await a date. 


The pursuit of an amicable, honourable 86 disposable of the whole case altogether, and the re-listing dates, were negotiated and agreed in correspondence and conversation between myself and Anouschka Greenwood, of Merlin's in-house legal department.

Rene Greville


Monday 9th of May 2022.


Monday 9th of May 2022


8 Wymondham teenagers, aged between 15 and 18, have solemnly sworn to join their friends in the New (Founded April 2022):


Wymondham CPs


The 8 founding members have promised and been photographed making that promise in front of a copy of a 450 year-old oil painting, gifted to them. They vowed, that with the help and support of,


that: if any Ukrainian Teenagers, aged between 13 and 19, get toWymondham, then the CPs will "adopt and protect them", and grant them immediate membership, via post, internet, or phone,  while they wait in Warsaw in Poland, or elsewhere from late May 2022.