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Daily Mail (, 11th October 2020

"Descendant of 17th century Freemason spy Fulke Greville has won a legal battle to reclaim a sword - which valued at £7million would make it the most expensive antique weapon in the world"

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Birmingham Mail, 2nd August 2015

"To be or not to be: Is this the real face of the Bard of Avon?"

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The Daily Mail, 11th February 2010

"A murdered spy and coded messages from beyond the grave... Will opening this tomb prove Shakespeare didn't write his plays?"

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The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday 9th August 2009
"Tomb search could end riddle of Shakepeare's true identity"

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The Coventry Telegraph, Thursday 13th August 2009
"Is Warwick Tomb answer to Shakespeare Debate"

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Warwick Times, Wednesday 2nd July 2008
"The Enigma of Fulke Greville"

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The Leamington Courier, 19th February 2008 

"William Shakespeare or Fulke Greville? That is the question"

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Leamington Spa Courier, Friday 15th February 2008
"Could Shakespeare's Plays be the work of a Warwick Nobleman?"

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