The Master of Shakespeare by AWL Saunders Volume I; The Sonnets. 

A fascinating and compelling discovery from 8 years research into Fulke Greville’s claim to have been the "master of Shakespeare" and the author of Anthony and Cleopatra.

"The Master of Shakespeare is very intriguing, beautifully written and researched and a very convincing and attractive addition to the debate… Many, many congratulations, it was a great and exciting read.”  


Sir Derek Jacobi

“The Master of Shakespeare is a marvellous book and I urge everyone to read it.”

Sir Derek Jacobi speaking at the John Silberrad Memorial Lecture,
Globe Theatre 1/11/07

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Book cover photo - The Master of Shakespeare

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The Master of Shakespeare

AWL Saunders






ISBN: 978-9-768-21211-5

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Fulke Greville, Hiram Abiff and Brother N.N.

AWL Saunders