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The Master of Shakespeare by AWL Saunders Volume I; The Sonnets. 

A fascinating and compelling discovery from 8 years research into Fulke Greville’s claim to have been the "master of Shakespeare" and the author of Anthony and Cleopatra.

"The Master of Shakespeare is very intriguing, beautifully written and researched and a very convincing and attractive addition to the debate… Many, many congratulations, it was a great and exciting read.”  


Sir Derek Jacobi

“The Master of Shakespeare is a marvellous book and I urge everyone to read it.”

Sir Derek Jacobi speaking at the John Silberrad Memorial Lecture,
Globe Theatre 1/11/07

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Book cover photo - The Master of Shakespeare

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The Master of Shakespeare

AWL Saunders






ISBN: 978-9-768-21211-5

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Fulke Greville, Hiram Abiff and Brother N.N.

AWL Saunders



The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday 9th August 2009
"Tomb search could end riddle of Shakepeare's true identity"

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The Coventry Telegraph, Thursday 13th August 2009
"Is Warwick Tomb answer to Shakespeare Debate"

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The Daily Mail, 11th February 2010

"A murdered spy and coded messages from beyond the grave... Will opening this tomb prove Shakespeare didn't write his plays?"

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Birmingham Mail, 2nd August 2015

"To be or not to be: Is this the real face of the Bard of Avon?"

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"Tomb May Hold Answer to How Much Shakespeare Actually Wrote"

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Múlt-kor, 14th August 2009

"Shakespeare's secrets can finally be resolved"

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Warwick Times, Wednesday 2nd July 2008
"The Enigma of Fulke Greville"

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The Leamington Courier, 19th February 2008 

"William Shakespeare or Fulke Greville? That is the question"

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Leamington Spa Courier, Friday 15th February 2008
"Could Shakespeare's Plays be the work of a Warwick Nobleman?"

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南方都市报APP • 南都地球

综合2020-10-11 19:51


据报道,现年73岁的雷纳·格雷韦勒(Rene Greville)是一位作家和历史学家,也是17世纪英国著名朝臣富尔克·格雷韦勒(Fulke Greville)的后裔。富尔克·格雷韦勒还是当时神秘组织“共济会”(Freemason)的成员,雷纳·格雷韦勒则出版过专著论证这位祖先是一些莎士比亚戏剧的真正作者。

British academics sue to recover £7m sword stolen from ancestor 400 years ago

Southern Metropolis Daily APP • Southern Metropolis Earth

comprehensive2020-10-11 19:51

A British author and historian has won a long-running lawsuit over a sword stolen by his ancestors 400 years ago. It is reported that according to the current price of similar antiques on the market, this sword is estimated to be as high as 7 million pounds, making it the most expensive antique weapon in the world.

Rene Greville, 73, is a writer and historian and a descendant of Fulke Greville, a prominent 17th-century English courtier, according to reports. Fulk Greyweiler was also a member of the mysterious Freemason at the time, and Rainer Greyweiler published a book arguing that the ancestor was the real author of some of Shakespeare's plays.

Renner said the most expensive sword on the antiques market fetched £7.7 million and he believed ancestral swords would fetch a similar price as there are no similar swords in the world.

It is reported that in his personal monograph "Master Shakespeare", Reina listed 177 similarities between Fulk and Shakespeare's life and creation. Rainer said there were only 600 adult males in Stratford-upon-Avon at the time, so the chances of an exact match to this degree were "very slim".


Text / Nandu reporter Chen Lin



Editor: Chen Lin

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